Easy Payment Gateway, providing control and protection for your businesses transactions.


In an increasingly interconnected business world, the frequency of online transactions has far surpassed that of face to face payment, causing an ever-growing demand for security and effective management of online payment services. For this reason, businesses such as Easy Payment Gateway are dedicated to providing industry-leading service that combats the increasing risk of fraud whilst facilitating the management of transactions. Founded in 2014 by Alex Capurro, Easy Payment Gateway is trusted in a variety of sectors from banking to hotel services. With its growing recognition, the company supervised an estimated 2.5 billion dollars worth of transactions in 2019, piquing interest from business all around the world.

What do Easy Payment Gateway?

Easy Payment Gateway provides an easy-to-use platform from which all transactions can be monitored and controlled. It deals with over 240 different methods of payment, offering the customer a wide variety of choice and lowering the chance of losing sales due to problems in the checkout process.

Using their software, the company is able to customize the parameters that are required for payment on their website (such as country, postcode, or card type) in a way that best suits that business. According to Capurro, this process could otherwise take up to a year to change, which makes their software an extremely time-saving option. At the same time, these measures not only greatly reduce the risk of difficulties during the payment process for customers, but also give more control to the seller.

One of the most commonly occurring fraud issues that businesses face is stolen cards, however, with Easy Payment Gateway´s simple Drag&Drop features, the business is able to set up their own specifications to dictate which kind of transactions trigger security alerts, even creating blacklists or whitelists to control what is allowed and what is blocked.

Easy Payment Gateway also provides specialist “sentinels” who constantly monitor the payments being made to and from the clients business, providing an additional layer of security. According to their estimations, the employment of these measures can help to reduce fraud from 40-75%, making Easy Payment Gateway an extremely effective and worthwhile transaction management service.