How your ecommerce can prevent fraud

Madrid, January 2020.

During the most interesting sales campaigns of the year as Black Friday or Christmas, the focus of security usually is on the consumer. However, preventing fraud is one of the main headaches for eCommerce. Luckily, Easy Payment Gateway´s technology for online sales companies allows them to prevent, detect and block all suspicious transactions, managing to reduce fraud by between 40% and 75%.

Over the last few years, fraud in face-to-face payments has been reduced while it has doubled in online purchases. This is due to the popularity of online shopping and the belief that it is easier to cheat in a non-presential environment. “The less control and regulation there is in the physical world, the more likely it is online fraud to be generated in the territory,” says Manuel Prieto, CEO at Easy Payment Gateway. Although it cannot be said that fraud has a nationality, it is true that a considerable number of these thefts come from African and Eastern European countries.

Currently, one of the sectors that suffer most from online fraud is the travel sector, especially airlines. The reason for this is that in many cases the purchase has to be made instantly, so most fraud prevention controls are omitted. The main frauds that this sector and the rest encounter are stolen, expired or illiquid cards, which means that the eCommerce loses the product or service and does not get the money in return. To prevent this from happening, Easy Payment Gateway provides anti-fraud services and solutions available to companies.

Companies can select different filters on the platform with just one click. The fraud manager allows them to set levels to automatically block a transaction; add a score to any parameter, allowing companies to choose when and why a fraud score is obtained based on their own rules; or create lists in which the company can choose what data to enter providing complete control over what it allows (white list) and what it blocks (black list). They can even use “sentinels” that constantly watch for any deception and notify them.

“With all the tools we have at our disposal, our customers can create their own mix of rules that allow them to detect and block suspicious transactions”, concludes Alex Capurro, Founder of Easy Payment Gateway.


About Easy Payment Gateway

Easy Payment Gateway is made up of a multicultural, multinational and multidisciplinary team of 40 people with a common mission: to make your EASY payments. The platform is capable of meeting the needs of rapidly evolving corporate companies that require building complex payment architectures and fraud rules, with the aim of helping them grow.