These simple pieces of advice will help to boost your businesses sales throughout the month of August

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has favoured online businesses, the reality is that August is one of the most complicated months of the year for the online channel. During the holiday season, people tend to wait until they return from their trips to make purchases, therefore internet sales tend to drop during this time period.

When enjoying our holidays, we usually browse the internet for items that we are thinking about buying. However, it is often more logical to wait until we have returned home to actually make the purchase.

In order to boost sales during August, and to avoid losing out during the summer season, the experts at Easy Payment Gateway share a series of simple tips that can make a big difference for your business this summer:

1. Ensure delivery. Being away from home often dissuades people from making online purchases. When spending a holiday in a hotel, we often worry that our parcel will never arrive. However, both courier companies and hotel receptions are more than used to receiving this type of delivery. In order to make the customer aware of this, all you have to do is add an information banner to your website, ensuring that any delivery will reach the right destination during the holiday. In this way, you will instil confidence in the user and give them the push that they may need to make the purchase.

2. Take advantage of the opportunity to discount seasonal products. Sales are always a great way to attract customers. During this time, when in-store visits have decreased, businesses with an online presence should take advantage of this in order to bring in new customers. Promoting special offers on seasonal products is the perfect way to achieve this. This gives you the opportunity to sell on more of your stock and to increase sales.

3. Incentivise purchases. Drawing upon the previous idea, encouraging purchases through discounts can also be very effective. A good example of this is offering promotional codes so that the customer gets a certain percentage discounted off of their next transaction, as long as they make a purchase during the month of August. According to experts, users are very attracted to this type of seasonal promotion.

4. Open up to new markets. Exploring other markers can be key to boosting sales at this time of year. The CEO at Easy Payment Gateway points out that many Latin American countries are of great interest for such business types. Since this month is the winter over there, it presents us with a good opportunity to encourage purchases from those countries. Thus, the summer season in countries like Spain can be compensated by opening your sales abroad during the summer months.

In this regard, the expert recalls the need for businesses to offer local payment solutions. Payment methods vary from country to country. For this reason, to avoid losing out on sales, it is important to provide a wide range of choices. At Easy Payment Gateway, they provide 240 enabled payment methods, of which 190 are considered alternative.

5. Take advantage of social networks. Many companies shut down their social networks during the summer holidays. This is a very common mistake, as it is precisely during this time of year that we have the most time to be active on social media. Therefore, Easy Payment Gateway experts recommend not only to maintain them but to adapt the contents with seasonal designs and messages. In addition, social networks are the perfect means of giving more visibility to the offers and discounts that you may have put in place.

All of these steps are very easily implemented and will have a positive impact at a time when online channel sales are declining. Having specialized partners, especially when it comes to payment methods and social networks, can also make the difference in making this summer strategy work as well as possible.