How can you adapt your business to the “new normal”


Over the past weeks, the expression ‘new normal’ has become one of the most popular. The uncertainty generated by this stage is not only limited to the personal sphere, but also to businesses that have seen how the COVID-19 has pushed them to adapt to the new demands of the market. Thus, it will be essential to get ahead of the needs of consumers and their changing habits when buying products or contracting services.

At Easy Payment Gateway, we advise companies to implement the measures to adapt to the “new normal” and to offer the best shopping experience to the customer. Therefore, we recommend these guidelines:

    • Put the focus on the Internet. Almost half the population still doesn’t feel comfortable going out to buy clothes, electronics or going to the cinema. This is one of the reasons why online channel will continue to have great value for businesses.  According to research conducted by nPeople, 11% of users who have made online purchases during the quarantine have never done so before. Many consumers have seen the Internet as a convenient tool that they will continue to use, even with the opening of physical stores.
    • Differentiate yourself from the competitors. The number of online businesses is increasing every day, which means stronger competence. To avoid going unnoticed and attract customers to our eCommerce, you need to differentiate from competitors. The key an attractive website and active social networks added to a perfect shopping experience thanks to omnicanality. Now, more than ever, companies must promote the multi-channel strategy and allow the customer to do managements in the way that suits him best: order online and pay in-store or buy in-store and return from home. Developing this strategy may not be easy for many businesses, so, at Easy Payment Gateway we have a new consulting service to help companies adapt their business to different channels to improve the consumer shopping experience.
    • Lean on the technology. In an online business, it is necessary to have the help that technology offers, not only in terms of hosting but also in payments. In that sense, at Easy Payment Gateway, we offer companies our unique technology, which allows them to reduce costs thanks to the creation of real-time flows without the need of having a technical team. Not only that, the wide variety of payment methods we offer helps to improve the customer experience, and that is that about 50% of buyers leave the shopping cart if they do not find a payment method adapted to their needs. Easy Payment Gateway has one of the most extensive portfolios of payment solutions, including systems for telephone operators, link and SMS payment systems and a platform that includes 240 enabled payment methods, of which 190 are alternatives.
    • Gain visibility. Show to been seen and create a conversation; for example, set up a blog with interesting content related to your business, taking into account SEO to improve your positioning in search engines. Ads on Google or pages whose audience is according to your product or service can also be a great ally. Finally, you should never forget about social networks. Through organic or promoted posts and with an image in line with the company.
    • Build customer loyalty. As it happens in physical stores, Internet also needs to build customer loyalty. Sending discounts for the next purchase, good management of the incidents or personalized attention contribute to that loyalty. Users appreciate receiving quick and easy answers and solutions to their queries, complaints and suggestions. Likewise, taking care of details by personalizing the purchase with the customer’s name or sending them an e-mail with a discount or gift on their birthday helps to build an excellent brand image and consolidate the relationship with the customer.